Cast In Place Concrete Walls

Kansas City Cast In Place Retaining Wall Contractor

Concrete retaining wallConcrete retaining walls have been a fundamental element in many construction projects around Kansas City. As flat building lots have become the exception rather than the norm, cast in place concrete retaining walls can potentially add valuable developable area to residential yards, building sites and commercial parking lots. Structural retaining walls are typically constructed using one of two techniques: cast in place concrete retaining walls, or modular block retaining walls.

Cast In Place Retaining Walls are becoming popular and more common. Wood form work is constructed first on one side of the wall, rebar is then placed as required by a structural engineer, then the second side of the form work is constructed and concrete is pumped and vibrated into the form work. The result is a strong, permanent retaining wall. Let KJ Remodeling explain your options to achieve a concrete retaining wall solution that works for you.

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