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Drywall installationChoosing a Kansas City drywall contractor is an important task, and KJ Remodeling can handle any size job in a professional manner. We will provide a complete estimate ahead of time that covers the costs involved in both work and materials, materials specified and the time-frame of the project. KJ Remodeling stands behind our work and is happy to provide references you can contact before you decide.

Drywalling is actually two separate jobs. The first part is the sheetrock installation which entails cutting, shaping, putting the panels into place and then fastening them. The second part includes taping the seams and then sealing both these and the screw heads with drywall compound. This process revolves around coating and sanding these surfaces until the walls and corners are smooth and you can’t see the seams between two panels.

Drywall improvements to your home provide a strong sense of style and dimension. Removal of a dropped ceiling can give a room the illusion of being much larger in size. You can even consider removing an interior wall to open up your space. Whatever your need, from repairing cracks, holes and water damage to adding a touch of personality by converting pass-throughs into unique archways or incorporating new wall niches for shelving , KJ Remodeling is skilled at helping you build your home around your lifestyle.

drywall_texturesOnce your drywall is finished, you can choose your desired texture. 3 popular textures in Kansas City are

  • Smooth Texture:  Wall Texture: Difficult to hide imperfections in the wall. Best time to choose smooth walls is after new drywall is applied.
  • Orange Peel Texture: A consistent texture applied with a texture sprayer.
  • Knock-Down Texture: After rolling or spraying on a layer of thin drywall compound, a trowel is dragged over the stipple to create the knocked down look.
  • Acoustic Texture: Normally applied to high ceilings with a sprayer for a “popcorn” kind of look.

KJ Remodeling can help with:

  • Drywall hanging
  • Drywall finishing
  • Texturing
  • Patching
  • Removal of walls
  • Ceilings

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